So if you have any Archive Projects in Television, Film or Advertising coming up,
please visit the Contact Us page and get in touch.

All our Archive Producers and Researchers work as a team and collaborate across different projects at the same time.
This has it’s benefits as when you use Archive Masters you do not just get one lone Archive Producer you are getting the knowledge and contacts of a whole team who are organised and experienced in delivering programmes of this type.

We are constantly dealing with archive suppliers from all over the world so can reach out and find archive others may not. Because of our vast Worldwide contacts we can usually source things quicker saving time too.

We are always available so if you need to take a break from production while you go out filming for example, and want us back when you are in the edit - no problem. Unlike a single Archive Producer who may not be available when you go back into the edit, Archive Masters will always be available.

We set up and see through an organised work flow from sourcing archive, liaising with Producers and Directors, supplying the edit to finally ordering masters, keeping a record of costs and getting the relevant documents signed. 

Everything is done through Google Docs or Excel if you prefer, so everyone in your production can see exactly what stage we are at with every clip. We then use Dropbox or Wetransfer to send over Screeners and Masters material for you to view. 

We source and licence all day everyday and will always try hard to negotiate with the suppliers to get you the best price.

By using Archive Masters you also save on recruitment time and costs, office space costs, potential to save money on licence fees and know that you are getting the best archive at the best price for your project.